Sandalwood tree is associated with the Indian culture since 4000 years ago. Sandalwood is the most valuable tree in the world and its relative scarcity of the wood and the increasing demand makes it a most valuable commodity in both present and future generations. The heartwood of the tree is one of the excellent natural materials used for carving while its oil is used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, perfumes and aromatherapy.


Be blessed by living close to the Goddess Konda Pochamma temple and be a part of Amma Vadi project. We invite you to join hands by investing in open plots in the most happening place near Konda Pochamma Temple. This is the best opportunity to utilise and the right time to invest. This is an excellent investment for you and your family to achieve better returns.

Highlights of the Project

30 acres Sri gandham sandalwood plantation with revenue sharing

    Sri Gandham plantation – on fertile red soil
    Each plot 1 Gunta ( 121 square yards )
    Developers shall take responsibility for the next 12 + 3 years for trees
    60 min from Jubilee bus station
    Swimming pool and cottages in proposal stage
    In Each plot we plant 8 sandalwood plants and 7 host plants
    Rythu bandhu scheme applicable for buyers
    Plants shall be registered.
    Geo tagging, cctv , barbed fencing

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